Nuova Idemont Srl

Our company was born to provide for others’ companies needs which have to face emergency periods due to production peaks.

In fact, Nuova Idemont slr realizes, on customer’s demand, the planning, the carpentry and the painting till the assembly and precision mechanics assembly complete with pneumatic, oleo dynamic and electric plants 

Dimensions, experience, dynamic structure and flexibility are our main skills: we guarantee you high level results and extremely competitive prices.

Three goods reasons to choose Nuova Idemont srl:

1 Possibility to use a fitted structure, complete with plants and machineries

2 Our expert technical staff at your disposal, deleting additional costs for your internal resources

3 Possibility to face not forecast production or interesting tenders scheduled in time 

Our experience and our staff reliability allow us to offer a complete service, in order to solve all customers’ necessities, giving him a product in line with the required, initial project.