Mechanics Division

Industrial assemblies

Nuova Idemont srl is the answer to those Companies which need to give outside some production and assembly phase, without having too many suppliers. Additionally Nuova Idemont gives a sure support concerning the maintenance of your machines.

Our mechanical assembly department, complete with electric, pneumatic, hydraulic plants, is equipped with all necessary machines and with 4 overhead travelling cranes.

Additionally, our quality work is guaranteed by the presence of expert technicians who follow the assembly during all production steps, checking the respect of some specific techniques and the quality of the final product.

If customer requires it, our assemblies are completed with pneumatic and oleo dynamic part.

Moreover, we do the electric machine edge with trials tests, completing in this way all the assembly phases of your machines.

We do industrial assemblies in Italy and abroad as well: silos, vacuum system, pipes, drying kiln

Therefore, if your company is looking for a solution to face your production emergencies or if you would like to use an external assembly to decentralize your production, Nuova Idemont is your solution: a skilled, punctual, serious partner which guarantees you high quality.