Mechanics Division

Special machineries planning

Nuova Idemont, facing with success many different assembly’s problems in different industrial branches, is now specialized in planning, developing and production of customized machineries, automatic assembly lines and test: in this way we help our customer to increase simplicity of use, the velocity, the precision and the production’s duration.

Engineering and high quality meet with company multi ten years’ experience, in order to give innovative solutions suitable for any operative situation necessary for the mechanical assembly: screwing, hammering, riveting, checked tightening.

We can supply simple or complicated multi-axes systems to assembly many tens of elements, realized as single machine or automatic assembly line.

Choosing Nuova Idemont automatic assembly plant means to get many competitive advantages in the market: our automation systems are able to make your whole production capacity more flexible and to reduce your production fix costs. The automatic assembly for components can be done with line plants, continuous machines and pallet plants: it permits to standardize some production procedures and guarantee a better precision and reliability.