Surface Treatments Division


Non corrosion treatments

The non-corrosion treatments consists in the application of special painting which avoid that atmospheric agents damage the treated surfaces, ruin them in the future.

The products we use are mainly oil phenolic, epoxy, with chlorine rubber, polyurethane, and chlorinvinyl with application thicknesses from 20 micron till 1000 micron: They are applied on surfaces with suitable high pressure pumps.

The non-corrosion protection of the steel structures represents a high cost’s percentage of the whole project and in the maintenance budget. According to this, it is absolutely necessary to obtain the best possible results.


Nuova Idemont always achieves these results, seen that it follows, during the operative procedures, the most important and valid international rules:

1- All surfaces are always prepared with sandblasting, in order to reach cleaning results as per customer’s request

2- We apply the non-corrosion products decided by customer: our technicians know perfectly their compositions, the thickness to be applied and the best way to apply them

3- The check of the thicknesses wet and dry, for every single coat, and the measurement of the total dry coat of the whole working cycle, with suitable instruments previously calibrated

Nuova Idemont considers the quality testing as an added value, being the same specific part of the non-corrosion painting process.

We use products of the most important brands: INTERNATIONAL, JOTUN, SIKA, ZETAGI', LECHLER E HEMPEL.